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This site is a collection of the webmaster's pictures of 882 sculptures, fountains, mosaics and memorials in Philadelphia, with

The webmaster does not own any of the artworks shown here, nor does he have any official connection to any of the bewildering array of private organizations, non-profit institutions, universities, and city and state commissions, programs, departments, agencies, and authorities that own, purchase, maintain, catalog, and/or approve public artworks in Philadelphia.

All pictures (but not the artworks in the pictures) are copyright Christopher William Purdom, and may only be used for non-commercial purposes with attribution and a link.

Recent Updates


Added the St. Andrew and St. Monica Gargoyles


Six new pictures of the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial


Added Finding Mantua


Two new pictures of the Board of Education Building


Added the Canadian Goose Logo on the 3200 block of Spring Garden


Eleven new pictures of the former Bruce S. Marks Scout Resource Center


Added a link for the artist Henry Mitchell


Added an entry for the artist John Cheere, attributed to the Pennsylvania Hospital William Penn


A whole bunch of new pictures of the The Washington Monument


Added the Race Street Connector