Sara Purdom was my wife.  She died in September of 2006 after a long decline that began almost five years earlier.  This portrait is an edited, slightly revised version of the eulogy I delivered at her memorial service.

Christopher Purdom is my son. He's a software developer and he originally set up his website because his company asked him to spend a couple of days learning how to do it. As you'll see when you look at it, he's also set up some other websites. The most spectacular is a guide to Public Art in Philadelphia. He created the guide several years ago, for LibertyNet, and it's now the main attraction on If you've ever lived in Philadelphia, here's your chance to take another look at sights like the statue of Joan of Arc and the hundreds of other works that ornament Philadelphia's public spaces. 

Inez Tigna Purdom was my mother. She was the daughter of Italian immigrants and a military wife. I taped an interview with her in December of 1997, one year before she died, and I've put together a brief memoir.

Dave Sherman is also listed on my Writers page, with more information on his literary history. If you hop over to his website, you'll find out why the first book in the Star Fist series has a troop ship named the Private Thomas Purdom.

Freddy the Pig was one of the companions of my childhood. He lived on the Bean farm, in upstate New York, from 1926 to 1957. As far as many of us are concerned, he still lives there. If Freddy brightened part of your childhood, I can guarantee you'll enjoy a visit to the official Friends of Freddy website. I especially recommend the New Yorker article on Freddy's history, the comments in the guestbook, and Kurt Wiese's portraits of Freddy and his friends.

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